Thursday, March 16, 2006

Attack of the Book People!

The image above is the first page from a comic I illustrated, but did not write, from my zine eyeline-->/<---fracture. Want a copy? Email me at It's $3.75, plus shipping (which'll be what? A buck? A buck fifty?). That's my shameless self-promotion of the day. So here is something that I actually wrote in another blog a while ago (at Two things struck me as wildly appropriate about this entry. One: I still don't spend much time away from my bedroom or the animation lab, the exception being the weekends, and two: I really wish people were this way.

"Finally, I return from the dead! Or something!

Lately, all my days have been oddly similar: wake up, stare at a computer and make with the creative business, eat something hideous from the vending machine or a local crap food place, go to class and attempt to learn new stuff about computers, and go to sleep (hopefully waiting until I get home, not just crashing in the middle of a lecture). My email time/free time has depleted mightily, but I am devouring books as my time spent on the bus increases exponentially. What is psychotic about my days, however, is that most of them are spent in the same two rooms: the animation lab, and my bedroom. Needless to say, this is incredibly monotonous. Fear not, however, I am easily retreating inside my wee brain a lot, which is incredibly spacious and prime real estate - the market values are astonishing! Good thing I bought the lots out years ago and had the sense to develop.

In other news, I love people. Well, I love friendly people. Chatting and getting to know people is amazing good times. I love hearing about problems, doubts, exclamations of joy, and secrets. I love being able to console someone or perk them up a bit, or laugh at a good joke. You know what sucks, though? Getting to that point. First you have to peel away the fears of rejection and bigamy, the prejudices and all the other social cagey crap. It takes so long, and I always want to jump into people as if they were books: first page, in the middle of the inciting incident, bam!

But people, alas, just aren't publishable."

I really do wish people were like books. A lot of times people talk to me, especially about the sadder things going on in their lives, and I really don't know what to say. I like to listen, but when it's my turn to give advice or consolation, I come up empty. I want to say this: "Cheer up! Let's just live in the now and have an excellent time being silly and nonsensical and ride the zeitgeist of happy good times!" ...Alas, most people don't seem to take too kindly to this sort of talk. They want more examination of their problems, further probing, greater amounts of sadness to sort of mush around in. I think this is because a lot of people don't sort out the bad things in their own heads very well. They want lots of affirmation that they're in the right and that type of thing. When I have crappy days, I'm always waiting for someone to laugh and say something along the lines of "Cheer up! Let's go wear silly hats at a really swank restaurant and order ice cream until we get sick!" But everyone seems to think I want sympathy. Not so. I am just looking for a fellow shaker...well, O.K., and maybe some hugs. But everybody likes hugs. Or at least liked hugs before something terribly tragic and traumatic altered their hug-loving ways.

If people were books, you could skip ahead to the good parts.

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