Friday, March 17, 2006

Meet Mr. Grapes

Mr. Grapes would like to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day, even if you're not Irish. In fact, if you're not Irish, he would like to buy you a beer and commiserate, because he's not Irish either. He's Dutch.

He's not a big fan of "The King of Beers," though. If I were you I'd order a really expensive stout 'cause if Mr. Grapes is buying, you should be flying.

Mr. Grapes wanted me to tell you that he likes your hat. He wouldn't tell me which one, he just pointed out that I should write it down, so I am.

Mr. Grapes would also like to point out that he's going to be debuting in the next issue of eyeline-->/<--fracture, which is available for sale in two locations in Los Angeles: namely Hi-De-Ho comics in Santa Monica at 525 Santa Monica Blvd., zip code 90401, AND the Village Center Newstand at 10902 Kinross Ave., zip code 90024, in Westwood. Or you could send an email to Either way.

He also wants to know where you got your shoes from. He thinks they're snappy.

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