Sunday, March 12, 2006

On Deafness, BAND OF NINJA, the Monorail game, and Ten Dollar Words

I'd like to begin by saying that I don't intend to turn this blog into a diary. I already have a diary (sort of), and it's a notebook I write in about a dozen times a year or so and then sort of ignore as the work (imposed by both me and the need for a paycheck) overwhelms. But every once in a while the need to blab occurs, so here we go.

To start with, the pic is one of my creations. It's actually a Photoshop medley of four different photos I took, one of my nephew Dylan, two of the goldfish ponds in front of a sushi restaurant in Marina Del Rey, and one of a skeleton in front of a nifty lil' shop of dead things in New York (not Necromance, but similar to Necromance...I think. What the hell. It was about four years ago).

Last night I went out dancing at a trance club in Hollywood and today I am somewhat deaf. This saddens me pretty deeply. The ringing in my left ear represents all this hearing that I've lost just because I wanted to go shake my ass in a rhythmic way where it's publically acceptable. Think about that. I mean, you can't go shake your ass at Marie Callendar's or something. I've seen a guy do that at a bus stop once, but come on, it was pretty uncomfortable for all of us out there who had to wait for the bus. Plus I never got to say goodbye to the hearing that left. That sucked. I kind of need a ritual of some sort. Hmm.

I saw a film tonight called Band of Ninja, which is a filmed manga by Nagisa Oshima from 1967. The screening was special because the film is an absolute rarity - now, it's not an animated film, but photographed pages of a comic book shot in a dynamic way with sound effects and dialogue. It was really very effective, and reminiscent of animatics made for films today, which are of course generally filmed (or scanned, whatever) storyboard panels. The story itself was pretty interesting, but the structure of the film seemed a bit rough, and could have used some editing. Of course, it's already the condensation of a 16 volume manga, so who am I to say what needs to go, but still. Also, because the version I saw was not subtitled, or exactly dubbed, but instead had a sort of narrator explaining what went on, I missed out on some dialogue. All I could pick up from my bygone summer of studying Japanese were exclamations of "Nani!?!" and "Yokatta! Yokatta ne!" (roughly - What!?! and I'm so happy you're not dead!). If you ever get a chance to see it, I'd recommend it. The drawings are incredibly vivid and filled with lively caricature and effortless realism - a divine combination. Plus, although the revenge plot is a yawn, the story of how the family of Kage (don't quote me on that, I had a milkshake afterwards so everything got all fuzzy on me) got formed is incredibly humorous and fun, although weirdly positioned in the plot. If you're a fan of his films, or you just love weird stuff, don't forget to check out Realm of the Senses - it's a sexually explicit version of a legendary Japanese love story. It's live action, and hardcore, with "real" actors getting it on in front of the camera. But wait, there's also amazing good times to be had with a realistic castration scene a la Cannibal Holocaust.

On a different bent, I went to Disneyland and bought a re-release of The Monorail Game (assume that it's trademarked, kids)! Good times are to be had as I chase Casey Jr. around the track, in the hopes that I don't get beaten...well, essentially by myself. Hey, it'll be fun! I'm drinking appletinis!!!

Oh, and here's something to bitch about: I absolutely loathe it when people try to put you down for having a large vocabulary. What are they trying to be? The poster children for illiteracy? Why call words that have, on average, more letters than say five or six "ten dollar words"? Education is free - there's a library down the street, and if you live in America, chances are you got through grade school. Please. Some people actually do read books and know words that, well, you just probably don't know. Deal with it by picking up a goddamn book and reading a little yourself. Don't be the whiny bitch that I want to slap. At the very least try and fake it by getting a copy of Word Power or something.

Of course, the random internet message boarders who should taste my ire probably won't read this, but that's the lonely burden I have to bear. 'Cause frankly, I don't believe in posting...maybe in time I'll get more irritated and I'll turn into a postwhore, but for the most part I just ain't a fan.

O.K. I'm done. You can move on now, you handsome devil.

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