Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pitching Technique

Well, finals are over. I (along with my fellow Imagineer classmates at UCLA) pitched in front of the big kids - Marty Sklar et. know, the Disney people that make everything beautiful, exciting, and dreamlike at all the Disneylands. And wow, did we rock. The only negative comments we recieved on the pitch had to do with personal preferences (we used a sort of symbolic technology - in the shape of a key - that one Imagineer disliked, but stated that, at the end of our pitch, we had "sold him on it"). After the long weekend I pulled churning out drawings right and left (backgrounds for my film, illustrations for the pitch) I felt so blissful and content. I hugged any of my group members within arm's reach and drank a glass of red wine the foolish Disneyites provided us with - along with a scoopful of quite possibly the most amazing guacamole I've ever tasted. So, yes, it was a good day. In particular we received comments such as: we told a great story/we stuck with our metaphors and really told the story well, our tone was even (despite the fact that five different people were pitching), the colors in our palette really "woke up" someone's eyes...I felt so very, very happy. The library I have always fantasized about making (with a few alterations, innovations, and great ideas tacked on - this was after all a group project) was approved by Imagineers.

Needless to say, this Disneyland-addicted ex-librarian was in some type of otherworldly state afterwards. The wine was just a sackful of sprinkles on top of the ice cream of my delight.

The most important thing, of course, (which they reminded us of) is that I have pitched in front of the best of the best - the elite. Nothing else will ever be harder to do than that. Things may definitely be on par with this, yes (and hopefully will be), but they will never be a tougher audience, or a more intimidating one.

So the pic is one of my favourites from the pitch - it's a garden (obviously) - and I'm pretty much the chica ex librus (my Latin is horrible, so I have no idea what I just wrote. Go public education!). I would be very content to be in that garden right now, needless to say.

In case you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend the class that led to my pitch-nirvana - it's a UCLA course called the "Art of Entertainment Design" or something like that, and is in the 400s in the Theater section. It's also offered through the Film department, but I can't recall even vaguely what the course number was. Maybe the 100s? I have no idea.

O.K., so this entry, (though highly parenthetical, in case you had somehow failed to notice) had very little to no conflict and would never sell in Hollywood - not even as the random scrawling on the walls at Starbucks. But wait, there's more yet to come! Stay tuned, kiddles, and I will (briefly) write about Mondo Macabro's new release Don't Deliver Us From Evil. If that doesn't sell you, just take a look back at Mr. Grapes. He's friggin' adorable, man.

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