Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Sound of One Mind Snapping

Work is remarkably dull - even creative work can quickly become routine. Especially animation. So here I am giving myself a little break in the five hour work-a-thon I've been holding at school. Where I'm still staring at a monitor. Possibly not the best idea for something that is supposed to supply variety...moving on. Because, yes, I'm just refusing to think about that right now. Since I'm working on backgrounds today, I thought I'd post one. I like it (of course). You may not. That's O.K. I got a fuzzy, squishy feeling after making it. Hmmm, I'm thinking the feeling wasn't supposed to be a squishy one. Uh, did I mention it's been a while since I've had a break? Well, at least I'm alone in the lab so the smell shouldn't bother anyone...

You know you're tired when potty humor makes a debut. Jeez.

Oh, and I'll post a poem since I've promised fiction and so far delivered exactly zippo (and that ain't a lighter). Ready to read some crappy poetry? Well, you're shit out of luck because I don't have any. Witness instead the poetry that is...written by me. So obviously not crappy. Dur.

Green is the curling, writhing thing
burn yourself, but the green thing grows
green is the color behind your eyes
though you tightly shut them closed

though flesh is weak, the green is strong
it cuts and strangles out its song
from throats of men in their knot-throng
(bubbles of blood patriotic and long)

Brown is the color the green thing fears
it cloys in prickles, and gusts like gashes
though green may fly, fright, and struggle
dun, apathetic, settles in the ashes.

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