Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bad Timing

So one of my past instructors (who thought that my work in class was exceptional, apparently) has been trying to get me a job on an extremely well-known and popular animated TV show. I'm not supposed to tell anyone yet (in case I don't get the job, plus the instructor doesn't want to start a rift of jealousy or anything), and so I've been sitting on this thing which is a bundle of excitement and anxiety for me all at once. I would love to have this job: in the animation world, it is the equivalent of assistant directing. It would also be my first job in the industry that was not an unpaid first position in the animation industry period. I've been checking my email fairly frequently, and fantasizing about the position, knowing full well that I just may not get it (there's a test for it, I've yet to go into an interview for it, etcetera). But oh, I would so love to get it. I know I would do my best - I would work hard and try to balance this position in addition to working on my (dear Lord) eight minute film - I would work like a speed addict. But with better precision and clearer faculties.

For now, there is only waiting. Only this weekend I had planned to go away on a mini-vacation that would take me far, far, away from my beloved Mac. Yes, I know that there are internet pay stations, but those are probably the crankiest, slowest pieces of technology known to humankind. Plus, if I need to have an emotional breakdown - of a positive or negative nature - I would prefer to do it in the privacy of my hotel room. Only, alack a day, my laptop bit the bitmap last year. So here I am, excited about the trip, excited about the potential job, and wanting to strangle someone. Pretty much anyone that sits next to me in public.

This should be fun.

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