Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Girl at Work

So I've decided to stop torturing myself - I haven't heard back from the people who work at the TV show I (sort of) mentioned previously - so I've decided to just throw myself into my film whole-heartedly. Scheduled for today (and tomorrow): lots of background creating/polishing, and possibly some animation. I'm a bit behind with my animating, but I am bound and determined to catch up. In case you're interested, I'm animating first on paper, generally animating on 2s (which means that there are 12 drawings per second, instead of the normal 24 that would occur if you animated on 1s), sometimes animating on 1s if there needs to be more fluid motion. Then I scan the drawings into a computer, and paint them in Photoshop. After that, I import the frames into Final Cut Pro, and synch them up to the soundtrack that I've already laid down. In case you want a further explanation on how I'm animating this, write me a comment (anyone can comment on my blog, but I have vetoship due to a frightening amount of viagra offers I've received) and I'll elaborate.

The pic is from a contest we held among the animation labmates to determine what our advertising should look like for the Animation Prom film festival held at UCLA this year. My entry (above) didn't win, and is in no way affiliated with UCLA or the animation lab at UCLA. (I felt I should add that to be on the legal up and up). The advertising info on the pic, however, is accurate and should entice you to come see the show this June. I will be there, and if you mention my blog I will be very excited (if not downright flabbergasted). Whether my current film makes it into the Prom remains to be seen, but I will at least be showing a short there, which is pretty funny (I made it over the course of a weekend as a part of Falling Lizard), and deals with the inimitable question of who is the more dominant and kick-ass - pirates or ninjas?

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