Tuesday, April 04, 2006

L.A. Events

If you're interested and in the area, there are two could-be-good events going on at the James Bridges Theater. Tonight, even though it's not posted on their calendar for some weird reason, there's an Australian film entitled Look Both Ways that's screening at 7:30PM. It's won some awards at the festivals, and has some animation integrated into it (not a lot, and not the most amazing-looking animation, but hey it's only about two extremely short clips, so I'll give the animators a chance). And, if you go, I myself might be there (this is dependent on whether I meet with my father for dinner tonight or not - in case you wanted some delicious golden nuggets of my extremely tasty life). Tomorrow night, there will be a screening of a Matthew Barney project. Ah, Matthew Barney who - for the uninitiated - is the auteur of The Cremaster Cycle, a series of films which are A: beautiful to look at and well-laden with complex symbolism, and B: sold for an awful lot of money (I think thousands) as "real" art in a gallery would. The pic included is from one of the Cremaster films. For extra trivia points, he's married to Bjork and used to play football in high school (which comes up as a theme now and then). Actually, I think he has some pieces touring in San Francisco, too, so get up on that! Although Matthew Barney is not an animator, he's a fabulous visual artist, and I do so love to promo the graphic design. Be more visual, people. Paint something interesting on your walls at home! I would if I could, but I'm a renter, and already in deep doo-doo with regular old white paint getting scratched up and falling like leaves of so much lettuce. In brief, my apartment is molting and my cats think it's grand fun to help the process along.

More fabulousness! God I am so amazing and studly! I'm going to go eat a slice of pizza for my breakfast!

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