Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Today hasn't been so beautiful or pretty - the one perk was the icy, driving rain I saw outside my window today at about eleven this morning: it was coming in sideways, violently, powerfully, poetically. I prepared to get ready to leave for an animation class (which I thought began at noon); I found an umbrella, a waterproof jacket, and was about to get out my sneakers when I checked my email. Lo and behold, my professor had rescheduled the class for tomorrow - at 10 AM. So I (grumbling a bit - I could have slept more, after all) put away my rain things and sat inside, thinking of things to do. I decided to do my laundry, but when I went downstairs to the laundry room all the machines were taken. Deeply saddened, I perked up quite a lot when I realized that I could go pick up a package from the dry cleaners (in my building that's where all the packages are stowed), only to arrive just as the woman who works there was leaving for lunch. She would not be back until 4 P.M. I harumphed, and went upstairs to surf blogs and peck out my meagre comments. But what depresses me about surfing is that an awful lot of blogs seem to deal with the news, and I've stopped reading newspapers a long time ago to regulate that daily dose of depression. Forlorn, I again became glad when my Sweetie Pie came home from work, and shared half a sauerkraut dog with me. But he was tired (he'd been up all night writing a film review) and went to bed promptly. I should've worked on my film, but I had not had enough punishment for today (evidently) and began blogsurfing again while returning my ex's email in the form of a phone call/instant message/phone call exchange. He ended the call on a sour note, and I think the only good thing about today (so far) is that as soon as I publish this email I can go downstairs and pick up my package. Well, that and the brief moment I shared over the sauerkraut dog with Sweetie Pie. It made me feel sparkly inside.

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