Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On Gather, and My Upcoming Midterms

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So this week is midterm week for me. Yea verily, do not expect much posting from me (although honestly I have been a paltry poster recently - one a week? For shame and infamy!). However, recently I have been posting a lot of my fiction - short stories, etcetera - at a site called gather.com, which is sponsored by NPR and provides a great forum for feedback. For the articles I've posted there so far, it's pretty much been a love fest. However, if you're just a casual site surfer at Gather, you'll only be able to see two of my published pieces, since the rest are flagged for at least one, if not all of the following vices: profanity, nudity, explicit violence, or explicit sex. If you wanna see my hardcore stories (which are all done in good taste; expect nothing less from an animator), you're gonna have to join Gather.

Today, I also include one of the backgrounds for the film I'm working on, which will be critiqued upon this Thursday. Don't steal, kids - you'll just look foolish.

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