Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Animation (Definition of)

Finals are coming, and the weather is gray and dim, but hot at night so I sleep in restless fits until morning, when I grow sound and weary. To animate is to spend your time replaying motion in your head again and again, trying to slow things down into distinct parts, trying to fracture time.

Repetition is the soul of animation, time is its law. When you animate, you are splitting human beings into atoms while they laugh, dance, run.

My technical definition: Animation is the stylization of natural movement through the creation of a series of still images which, when seen in rapid succession, appear to be alive. Animus, another word for soul, is the root of the word animation (which in another definition, means "movement"). The soul, apparently, is described by movement.

Something to ponder, anyway.


Michael said...

I figured you were already out for the summer.

Good luck on your finals.
I bet you knock their socks off.

take Care

Michelle said...

Thanks for your support, Michael! I think I did O.K. overall - probably better in my ProTools class than in my Computer Animation class.

Have a Great Day!