Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Defeating Procrastination Through Yoga

O.K., so I don't know if I believe in the title of this post, but the thought of it amused me terribly, so it's staying. Essentially, I'm a little procrastinator. My workspace is a mess, and there is a mystery smell emanating from the kitchen, which is located just nearby. After a halfhearted search with much retching, I failed to find the offending odiferous object, but did discover a wizened banana with friendly gray-blue fringe - sadly, not the perpetrator, and ended up watching a film instead of working on my own. (My First Mister, if you're curious, so I can't even claim I was studying by boning up on my animation skills) With everything messy and smelly, my concentration's shot (not that my concentration's been particularly good the past couple of weeks anyway). So, in honor of procrastinators everywhere, I'm going to perform a little procrastination myself by making a list of things I do to get myself focused (oh what a tangled web we weave).

1. Clean up the area I'm about to work in. I'm not talking elbow grease here, just some basic tidying would help. When the workspace is orderly looking, I'm good to go.

2. Exercise. Because doing something else I'm not good at usually makes me want to return to my field of choice.

3. Make a list and finish at least half of the items on it. If I finish the full list, I've essentially been replaced by an android. A really organized, with-it sort of android. Probably the kind of android I'd like to have around the house right now to hone in on the mystery stinker (oh, I wish it'd been the banana!).

4. Complete a smaller project I've been working on, such as an illustration or short story. In the theme of number 3, finishing stuff makes me feel great. Like I can take on the world or something. And then I promptly try to until I get really sleepy and have to go to bed. Tomorrow, world, you'll see!

5. Do the cobra pose. This is a fairly new one on my list. After taking just one yoga class this past week, I've learned that the illustrious cobra pose stimulates the adrenal glands, which has the effect of waking you up and giving you energy. I'll test it out. It certainly worked in class.

That's about it. Drinking coffee just makes me want to chat with people - it's such a damnably conversational beverage - I rarely fall into line after a cup of joe. So which one shall I choose right now?

Exercise. But the gym in my apartment's only open for another twenty minutes, so I better shift it before my urge to curl up around a book kicks in.

Good night!

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