Monday, August 28, 2006

Jim Balent n' Holly GoLightly!

Here is the website of some of my favourite comic book people, Jim Balent and Holly GoLightly. Always good to the fans, with plenty of cheesecake art (lil' bosoms need not apply!) in their titles such as Tarot (where big busted witches do right), Three Little Kittens (where big busted kitty cosplay spies kick bad guy booty), among can I praise them more highly? The books they write are always campy good fun, and as addictive as chocolate. Plus, they got married in a Star Wars themed wedding - Darth Vader and Princess Leia - the ideal incestuous match! I am extremely envious; what utter fun. Apparently I (in my sweat-drenched, makeup melted, hair slicked, water retaining phase of uber bloatiness) will end up in the back of a new book 'cause Jim took a picture of me at the San Diego Comic Con - if my pursed puss hasn't been published yet already. O.K., O.K., so I need to go buy a ton of comics - I have a list, and if my pic is in one, I probably should buy it. However, I'm not sure which title it will pop up in - let me know if you (my faithful readers) find out first.

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