Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Internship: What Does She DO All Day?

As in intern in the art department of a 3D animated film, I am doing a lot of the following: researching material on the internet that could be used as art references, assembling documents in Adobe InDesign (a fabulous program that I wish I could afford to help my zine along!), and printing artwork out. Also, I scan and photocopy - but that's par for the art department course. What - that doesn't sound insanely fascinating and artistic?!?! Well, it is, actually. In my small, distinct little way I am shaping the film's look; which is absolutely a warm, tickly feeling in my nostrils. Ah, no, that's just the incessant allergies.

The interesting thing is that I've become so good at InDesign that projects that should (I guess) take me hours to complete take me about half an hour to an hour, leaving me a lot of spare time...hence this post. What do I do in all this heaping spare time? What is driving my soul with passion, love, and fire?

Shh, it's a secret, come in close.

I'm taking a keen interest in bookbinding.

That's right! I've just ordered some Davey book boards (supposedly some of the best quality boards from my research) on ebay, and I'm about to become a bookbinding fool! Be warned - I will probably post images of these books in the future and gabble incessantly.

Of course, I'll still work on my own animated short - but my internship has put that on hiatus, and all my computer time has lately started a craving in me to make something with my hands. I painted a couple of weeks ago, and that was satisfying, but then I ran out of canvas and I'm low on a few crucial colors (in my art world, black is a crucial paint color, despite the stern looks from teachers). I'll post a pic of my painting soon. Prepare to be astounded! You will love my art!!!

I would drink coffee right now to wake me up, but it makes me ill half the time, so I'm taking a walk around and spying on the animation work. Man, this is going to be one beautiful feature film.

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