Monday, August 07, 2006

San Diego Comic Con...and more!

I have been immoderately absent. To rectify this, here is a brief listing of some of the utterly sweet and buzzworthy biz from this year's San Diego Comic Convention.

Pan's Labyrinth - go see it. A live action flick that resembles a grotesque fairy tale (and the sequel to Devil's Backbone) in its previews, you simply must watch it. There was a panel with the amazingly funny and likable Guillermo del Toro, whose charm and use of crass language instantly endeared him to me.

Speaking of fairy tales, you need to read Alan Moore's Lost Girls. If you didn't know, Alan Moore is one of the many gods of comic books. They recently adapted his classic V for Vendetta, but there is so much more to his repetoire, including The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and, of course, the incomparable The Watchmen. If that isn't enough, realize that Lost Girls, which is a collaborative pornographic graphic (in the future I'll just shorten that to pornoGRAPHIC novel) novel made with his fiancee Melinda Gebbie, chronicles the sexual awakenings of characters from classic fairy tales. Dear lord you need this book.

The hipster Shag spoke at a panel. I got him to sign my limited edition Disneyland bowling bag that he designed, and learned lots of fun things like: he (used to?) be a Mormon, and went on a mission to Germany; he drinks now; he's done a ton of band album covers, and joined bands in order to design even more covers; he's done covers for Rob Zombie - including Head Shrinking Fun!. Good times. He was very nice, which made me profoundly happy.

Of course I went to The Animation Show and Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. I much preferred the former, as the later involved a voting system where shorts were voted off the Spike and Mike's DVD a la Survivor according to the volume of boos, hisses, shouts, etcetera the crowd could muster. And indeed did they muster. It made viewing the films a pain. I pity the fool who submits to them. (That may be me in the future, by the way - self-pity!). I would highly recommend you go see something Dr. Tran related, as those shorts were the only thing that made Spike and Mike's salvageable at times. Interestingly enough, I'd already seen the majority of shorts that went into this years The Animation Show, but the program is worth seeing again. The films are solid, and that's not just cuz I'm working as an intern on one of the shorts-turned-feature.

And how, pray tell, is my internship going? Wonderfully. I feel appreciated and useful, and I'm not running around picking up anyone's dry cleaning or answering phones. I am in internship nirvana.

The pic is of me with one of my fave comic book writers, Jim Balent. I'll write a whole thing just about his stuff next post.

Good night.

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