Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Look It Up!

To celebrate the researching fool that I have turned into, via my fabulous internship, I decided to post a bunch of weird photos that I have run across on the internet in my search for references. (If you haven't been following along, these references are used for the artists to base their artwork on in this pre-production stage of the animated film). Enjoy!

Disgusting? Quite possibly, but this fabulous flickr find is the best decayed canine I've seen in a while! Skull references, you bet!

Be one of the most stylish Submissives on your block in this antique dog collar...

Or perhaps one of THESE babies!

And I'll throw in this antique radio just to muddle it up a bit.

So what exactly is this animated feature I'm working on about? Won't say. However, I just possibly may end up on a "Behind the Scenes" DVD extra because I opened up my big mouth and made a lot of suggestions (monomaniacally fixed on giving the villain of the flick more, well, complexity) during a huge story meeting where the lowly unpaid interns were allowed to make big noises. Will they take my suggestions? No idea. I do know, however, that I signed my soul away to a big film company - and that I didn't know that the big film company was going to be at work that day so I was totally grungy and unprepared.

But I get to eat all the junk food I can get to first - score!

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