Thursday, October 05, 2006

Back to School: Flash 8 and Silent Film Seminar

The school year at UCLA has started, and I'm enrolled in a Flash Animation course and a Silent Film Seminar - both of which promise to be both interesting and challenging, with the Flash course probably superceding Silent Film in the challenging department. My teachers are excellent, and include Amy Winfrey and Josh Morgan; the former covering the animation/interface part of Flash and the latter, coding. Because my classes promise to be so intense, I've had to cut back my internship to one solitary day a week, but thankfully they were understanding at the office.

This is going to probably be my last year of school (unless I go in for a PhD, which my Dad keeps on encouraging me to do - but what does a doctorate in animation do? Look pedantic at screenings of new Disney films? I could break out the pipe and smoking jacket, though...tempting), so I'm a little nostalgic. Add to that the fact that I watched Kicking and Screaming last night, I'm filled with a mix of anticipation, sentiment, and (slight) anxiety. Filmmaking is tough - add to that the immensity of the Hollywood film system, and all its sexy bureacracies, and you have a vast world where a lot of people don't succeed in fulfilling their dreams ("fulfilling your dreams" always sounds a little cheesy to me, but it's apt).

But I'm going to do it - I only get the jitters every now and then. Sometimes I think it might be nicer not to have a lot of clearly defined goals: when you succeed it's a pleasant surprise instead of a source of worry. However, if I didn't have my goals, I wouldn't be a very happy person. There is nothing I love more than pushing myself hard and having, at the end, the satisfaction of doing what I set out to do.

Right now I'm also writing a novel (by myself), and a TV series (with a good friend). I'll let you know how both progress. One thing's certain, I do enjoy filling my days with projects!

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