Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Flash 8 Tip: Bringing in Videos and Images

These past two weeks have been absolutely chaotic as I try to adjust to my new school/internship/excersize fiend lifestyle. My Flash class has proven to be both really inspirational and intense. Here's what I learned this Tuesday: Did you know that in Flash 8 you can import movies and photographs relatively easily? Just go to File/Import/Import to Library and follow the instructions as the menus pop up. However, not all settings will provide optimal picture quality - you have to play around with them. Remember not to compress your files before you bring them in, because Flash will end up compressing them later anyway, and if you compress them beforehand the image quality will really degrade quickly! (This doesn't apply to .tif file LZW compression, however). For images, Flash loves a jpeg, and is fickle with other file types. Fun stuff, huh? It really broadens what you can do with the program, however, especially once you realize that you can convert video into a symbol, and alter it just like you can with symbols! I'm so stoked, the text written here can never do enough justice to my stoked state.

Catch y'all later!

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