Saturday, October 28, 2006

Flash 8 Tip: Why Can't I Erase Anything?!?!

This will happen sometimes in Flash 8: you're puttering along, drawing, and you want to erase something. So you select the eraser, and, lo and behold, you're not erasing squat! The first possible solution, which is available in Flash 8's Help, is that your eraser settings are off. In that case, go to the tool bar, and find the little "eraser mode options" icon (make sure the eraser tool is selected first, or that icon will not appear - even if threats are offered), which is a light blue circle with a darker blue rim, and adjust it appropriately. (If you hold down on it a menu will come up and you can erase fills, erase lines, erase normally, etcetera). If the eraser still doesn't work, it's because you've stumbled onto a little problem that Flash 8's help section doesn't cover - namely, you've just made a symbol and you didn't know it. This primarily happens when you're working inside of a symbol already, don't ask me why. Simply select the offending section that refuses to be erased (with your cursor tool), go into Modify, and highlight Break Apart. Now you can erase like the little mistake monkey that you are!

Personal Progress On:
Novel: Some Notes Completed, 5 Pages Out of Sequence
8 Minute Film: Zip
TV Series: More Healthy Brainstorming Accomplished
My Flu: Down to an Unhealthy Rattle, Unpleasantly Sore Eyes, Hot Flashes (I feel menopause's sweet succor already!)

Now go here and love the sweet fan video therein. It's the best damn fan Flash flick I've ever laid eyes on!

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SiouxGeonz said...

Thanks for this! I figured it out once already and knew I'd figured it out but couldn't remember what it was ...