Monday, October 02, 2006

Lazy Sunday Painting

I finally set aside enough time to paint, and I have to admit it felt really, really good. I painted this landscape yesterday using acrylics and a pre-primed canvas. I like painting landscapes or backgrounds because they become fragments of worlds I'd like to explore in my daydreams (or writing). Technically, I'm not very realistic, but my stylization suits me fine. What's nice about painting, too, is that you have a physical product in your hands when you're done - something you can touch and smell and watch as the light reacts with it - which is a far cry from the digital work I've been doing lately for school and for '9.'

On the lighting for the photograph of this painting - it blows out in some patches (along the weave of the canvas fabric), but it's a pretty decent photo overall, nice and steady - thanks to Bri for photographing it for me!

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