Thursday, November 16, 2006

9 Leaves California

Today is a SAD day at my internship - because it's my last! 9's wrap party for the pre-production peops is this coming Monday, and after that, it's off to Luxembourg for the higher-ups among the crew. One of my favourite co-workers, Chaz, left early today to go get married (track his approaching marital funtimes at monkeysgohome, his amazingly talented fiancee's blog - I wish I had money so that I could afford to buy her paintings!). When he left, it really sank in that today is my last day - boo. This internship has been a helluva lot of fun - the film itself is great (the story's gonna rock, trust me), the people I worked with are great, and the environment has always been very positive and committed to producing an outstanding work of art. I will miss this when I go out into the real world and have to get employed...probably.

In the meantime, my progress report:

My Novel: More Notes
My Film: Painted Some Backgrounds
My Flash Website: Worked on Some Artwork, Then Went to Bed
TV Series: Um, It Was a Bad Week Last Week...Meeting Was Supplanted by Avatar and Shots of Chocolate Liqueur.
Presents for My Loved Ones: Have Contemplated Much, and Produced Little
Also: Finished a Short Story About a Dildo in Love on Tuesday.

I have an idea for a painting I really want to make that I may squeeze in this weekend. If so, be prepared for the weird, as per usual!!!

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