Tuesday, November 21, 2006

9 Wrap Party!

The wrap party last night was lots of fun. The animatic looks really great - it's been fascinating to watch it grow from its original story into something new and even better! 9 promises to be an animated film that's both beautiful to look at and an intense viewing experience, which is rare in an animated piece these days.

It was cool too because I got to meet a few people that I hadn't really seen around the office. I was mightily excited to meet Kevin Altieri (one of the directors from Batman: the Animated Series), and of course, being a Batman addict since childhood, I totally flipped (but not in an outright noticeable way...hopefully). I also got to congratulate Shane on his project, which was important to me because I feel like my meagre "Good Job" is my sincere way to let him know that he is, well, doing a good job! People need encouragement, and I love to give praise where it's due. More people should sincerely let others know when they're doing well; it makes life a smidge brighter. Sometimes I need to remind myself to be more encouraging, because I'm a bit introspective, selfish, and, well, daydreaming about 90% of the time.

I briefly met Shane Acker's wife, the lovely Sibyl, who has the super-cool job of being a set designer. She was extremely nice and polite, and I liked her quite a bit even though we chatted for approximately, oh, two or three minutes. The goodies from the wrap party: a T-shirt for each of us, and some French hors d'oeurves, as well as champagne mixed with pomegranate juice (yum, yum!). I think I drank at least six of them, they were so amazing! Don't worry, I got a ride home.

I really wanted to go drinking with some of the animation kids after the party, and I was invited to tag along, but alas! I had class the next morning, and I hadn't watch the film we were supposed to talk about yet (which my boyfriend ever-so-sweetly rented for me, Thank You!!!). Luckily, my friend had an early start planned for the next day, too, so there weren't any conflicts there.

Now 9's off to Luxembourg - good luck, guys, and happy eating!

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