Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Day of the Dead!

I was going to post a sneak peek image of the zombie interactive thingy I made in Flash 8 (it's really easy to extract images of stuff you've created in Flash, just go to File/Export and save it as an image, adjusting the image quality levels until you're satisfied), but I left my flash drive at home! So instead I'll just have to wish you all a happy day of the dead, and show you this background I did for my film, which, appropriately enough, is of a cemetary. All rights retained by Michelle Lopes.

Internship report: So far I've spent the day scanning an entire book. It was, um, repetitive, but O.K. Also, I really felt like having a beer at lunch so I said screw it, and had a beer with my burrito.

Progress on Novel: None since last report.
Progress on TV series: Nada
Progress on 8 Minute Film: Zip
Progress on Web Site: I Made a Flow Chart!!! Wheeeeee!
Progress on Research Paper: I Thought of a Really Good Topic and the Teacher Liked It.
Progress on Drinking While on the Job: One Beer Down...Um, I Don't Think This Is Really Going to Be a Regular Thing, So...

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