Friday, November 10, 2006

Life Progresses...

This past week has been exceptionally rough. A couple of family emergencies have happened (in a row), and I'm reminded of how much my parents both want me to succeed. It's very, very important to them that I finish school (not a problem) and secure a place in life where I'm happy and financially supported (note I didn't state "financially independent" - that's not so important to them). I love both my parents very much, and like many children, try to make them proud.

The above may sound egomaniacal - this post is really about personal success - but when my dad was in the hospital this week that's all he wanted to talk about; me finishing school, how proud he was of me, and how much he loved me. That's all I'm going to write about concerning that. I don't need this blog to dissolve into a diary.

But here's why I mentioned it at all: my dad's words were inspiring, motivating. Sometimes I forget how much my parents are counting on me. It's a lot of pressure at times, and I'm not always great at staying on task, but I need to work hard and do my best, because they're counting on me. It's a large reason in a room of many.

The image this week is a prop from my 8 minute film. I ended up retouching some backgrounds today from that film, and this is one of my favourite stills. Lurid coloring, perhaps, but they're appropriate for the scene. Besides, brilliant colors fill my head all the time - sometimes they leak out in my art.

Again, all images retain copyright by me, Michelle Lopes.

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