Monday, November 20, 2006

Linkish Day

My friends strive to make my life better in a multitude of ways. For example, my one homie Evelyn is attempting to brighten my life with a new addiction, the ever-so-sexy World of Warcraft experience. I think I need this. However, I am unable to play at the moment due to a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF HOMEWORK. So I have been entertaining myself by watching the different races dance (also thanks to Evelyn). I am so Horde. Come January (when I'm signing up), the Alliance will be going down!!!

My other friend Meghan has expanded my horizons through mindless entertainment. Come and join the kittenwar (and lose a few hours of your life), or watch this prophetic video about fame (done in Flash, and actually animated in a style very similar to still yet another one of my friends's).

Speaking of Flash, my action script is going abominably today. My notes taunt me - why can't I figure out the rollOver thing so that my movie clip moves when a button is, ahem, rolled over??? That's it, I'm going to brood while I eat my lunch.

Tonight's the night of the 9 wrap party. Animatic and French food - yay! I will have to brood over a light lunch, instead of something overly settling and carbohydrate-y.

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