Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanksgiving Approaches...

How was your Halloween? I've made a little interactive zombie for you to play with, but alas! It won't be up on the internet until next week. Until then, I hope this little appetizer can tide you over. Ah yes, it's time for more Photoshop fun! In this piece I opted for more of a cut-out, not quite properly blended feeling. I used about five layers for lighting, adjusting the opacity on basically black brushstrokes untill it felt somewhat organic. Although many artists at my internship don't opt for separating shadows onto different layers, I find that they often want to go back and make changes, and aren't able to do so as quickly as if you divvy them up. Kitschy and adorable, can you resist cuddling this sweetheart of a skull?

Again, it's my skull (I even signed it!), so no stealing por favor.

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