Thursday, December 07, 2006

Calloo Callay!

Today is an amazing day of super happiness! Firstly, my father is going to come home from the hospital on the 19th (the date is tentative, but I don't care - he's making fantastic progress!). Secondly, the bulk of my action scripting is done for my Flash site.

I am sooo happy!

I constructed an inventory using normal variables at first when my teacher, Josh, suggested Boolean variables instead. That helped mucho much! Now my inventory is all bling, all I need to do now is: finish the artwork, tie up some coding extras I wanted to paste on, and animate! (The animation on my site is minimal, so this isn't as tough a job as you might think). Unfortunately, it won't be entirely finished (partly due to my unpaid phone bill, that promptly resulted in a turned off phone, which prohibited me from finishing up some major sound recording stuff for the site - blah!), but a great deal of it should be up and running soon!

Two finals due on Tuesday: twenty page research paper on the mobility of female characters in American silent films, and the Flash site. Progress on research paper: only research so far, but hey, I'm a pretty fast writer so I'm not too worried. Concerning the Flash site: Candy bar/cute kitten/super amazing happy stage of personal enlightenment nirvana.

P.S. If you guys want me to put a more detailed version of my inventory action scripting up, lemme know (you can comment on this post after you select the title of the post - then a comment option will pop up).

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