Monday, December 04, 2006

Damn Cute Flash Drives

What's functional and frigging adorable? Flash drives from mimoco! In a fit of Christmas wish list-y-ness, I went to the mimoco website today to drool. I totally wish I'd gotten the glow ghost (that I saw when I went to the Comic Con in San Diego this past summer), which is sold out and a cause for much sadness, but if I ended up with a regular ghost flash drive, I'd be pretty damn stoked. They even have it in the 4 GB size!!!

Other than that: much research and flash website work makes Lopes a dull girl. However, here is my progress list:

Flash Website: Wrote code, much of which didn't work, and wept like an, um, girl.
Research Paper: Read through a book recommended to me by the teacher and took notes. Checked out book for further investigation.
TV Series: Had a meeting last week with Meghan and we rocked it!
Novel: Recurring vague thoughts, but no time to work on it recently.
My 8 Minute Film: Absolutely nothing.
Creating Presents for the Beloved: Nada. They will be sad this Christmas *sniff.*

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Marko Broz said...

They are adorable, alright. It is very smart of the manufacturers to give these things an interesting twist. But I think I would still want a simple one. But it doesn't hurt to have two! - Marko