Friday, December 15, 2006

Sexy Zombies?

I think you need to go check out some slutty zombies. An art project by zombie lounge singer Monique Motil, these decaying babes can only complicate those necrophiliac tendencies you've been trying to hide.

Oh, here: Yaaaay! I'm done with finals! Yaaaaaay! ... Now back to work on my unfinished website.

Today's pic: A picture I took of my mother's insanely creepy house. She doesn't live there now, but she used to (it's her "I grew up in it" house), and soon it will be moved to the magical land of Conduit. This pic you can steal with impunity - but no others! - lest I find you in a dark alley somewhere, with a craving for braaaaaaains in my belly!

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