Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Student Flash Sites

Gomen, gomen! I have not blogged recently in lieu of holiday insanity, but today I'm here to change all that. Witness the profusion of my bloggability!!!

O.K., so here we go - visit Jen's site today. A fellow classmate from my Flash 8 course at UCLA, her Flash site is a game (that is an element to an eventual, larger game she hopes to create). Throughout the next few days, I'll give you links to all of my fellow classmates's sites, so that you may know intimately the beast that is: student attempts at Flash 8 interactivity!

I've actually made a few changes to my own Flash site, but have not yet posted them. I'll let you know when I have the updates ready.

The image today is a part of my Flash site, which I would like to set up using intervals, which is why it's not up yet (because I currently don't have time to bone up on intervals). Essentially, I would like to have one scene of my Flash site on an independent timer, which cycles according to how much time you've spent on my site, rather than how much time you've spent on the one page containing the desired animation. Blah. Well, eventually this will be tackled.

Happy holidays!

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