Saturday, December 09, 2006

This Weekend is Soo Busy

Yesterday, all I did was work on my Flash website, with the appropriate bathroom breaks, one meal time, and a quick trip to the grocery store. Today's forecast is for more of the same - although a friend invited me to an event at the Museum of Jurassic Technology (as a note, the website is sort of sad-looking, compared to how amazingly fun it's supposed to be), so I might do that if I'm ahead in my workload. Curioser and curioser, do you enjoy the kitty? She'll be up and present for the beta launch of my website next week. I wish she were real so that I could hug and squeeze her, but I'm a bit of a lovey spaz, so there we go (maybe if I ever get time for pet projects again, I'll make one of her).

Tomorrow looks like it will be a paper writing day, followed by a Monday of paper writing.

Back to work!

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