Monday, January 22, 2007

Brad Neely, etcetera

I spent the day updating my resume - what fun! I'm never quite certain what to exactly emphasize on my resume and what to leave that's always aggravating. To emphasize: that I'm not stupid; that I can probably figure out the software that will be thrown at me. To underplay: that I can't make coffee; that I have trouble distinguishing what people are saying on phones, and tend to improvise when I can't hear you.

One of my friends reminded me of the existence of the George Washington video below, done by the fabulously funny Brad Neely. It contains potty words and implications of a vast quantity of genitalia, so you've been warned, o faint-hearted few! Go check out more of Brad's stuff by going to He's pretty cute for a crazy dude!

You should also check out his Sodom and Gomorrah episode once you're at Super Deluxe! Cuz I said so!

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