Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Flash Class Links!

The fun never stops around here! Although, admittedly, the fun was on hold for a while during holiday break. To compensate (and continue my theme of showing off my classmates's work), try these links today. The first one, Daisy's portfolio site, loads a little slowly, so if you're having trouble there, just bail out. Or feel free to check out David's flash game, which features some really complex action scripting, and a very fun old skool feel.

Well, I'm off to troll through the courses offered this quarter at UCLA. What I need: something with a light course load that will allow me enough time to finish my computer film (a requirement for that shiny degree from the animation department at UCLA). The one obvious choice is a life drawing class that meets once a week. While that sounds fun, I'd like a smidge more variety (if possible).

Enjoy the links!

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