Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Flash Site Links, and Personal Site Update

First off, I've decided to be super lazy and just give you the link to a page where you can access all the rest of the assignments from my Flash class yourself. Here is the link.

Second item of business: I'll be separating my personal Flash site into two different places, one where you can check out my supersexy work (and resume, and artwork - eventually), the other where you can explore Conduit. Don't worry kiddies, Conduit will be updated as per usual.

Third item of business: I've realized that no one in the universe can leave a comment on my blog because my code is all icky. I will tackle this over the weekend, cuz I hate having icky all over my site.

In case you were unduly concerned, I've decided to sign up for Barminski's class (the mega tons o' software class), which I've taken before. Much to my amusement, he doesn't remember me at all.

Tonight I'm going to finish animating a scene. Tomorrow I'm staying home to paint backgrounds and work on my new personal site (and update Conduit). I've got a good idea of what I want on it - expect to see my zombie chica around!

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