Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Second Photoshop Assignment and David Lynch

Here's my second Photoshop assignment from my Intro to Digital Media Class. Now I know what I'm gonna look like when I'm old, and it's all scary and saddening. Blah.

Yesterday evening I heard David Lynch speak at Borders about his new book, Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity. Surprise! I didn't buy the book, but A) I have very little money and B) the line was extremely long due to the huge amount of Lynch fans present. I chatted with a couple of fans before Lynch showed up, and one of the guys I met acted in a movie with Christopher Lee. He was going to get a bust of Lynch signed that had a very limited run on it (I think five or six) - at the persuasion of myself and a few other attendees of the talk. That was random and very cool.

David Lynch talked about: finding happiness within ourselves instead of looking for it elsewhere, and searching for inspiration and creativity within ourselves - using the metaphor of fishing to tie it all together (and talk of the unified field, for all you physics geeks). I was very content with his chat, and rather enjoyed it. I don't think he said anything I haven't heard before, but it's nice to hear people restate things you enjoy or believe in once in a while - it makes you feel less alone, and like you're connected to something greater.

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