Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Weekend

It's Saturday night, and I'm visiting my father in Las Vegas (he's doing extremely well brain-wise, in case you were curious!). I spent all day working on my Flash midterm (which was pushed from last Thursday to this coming Thursday - blah), and then finished a background I've been working on for months - at least that's how it feels. It's missing three props, and a reflection caused by one of those props, but otherwise it's the baby I've been wanting, without any genetic defects. I made this background entirely in Photoshop, working extensively with the joy that is layers, and also imbibing in quite a few filters. Why? 'Cause filters are fun! Duh!

Now what will I do? I'm utterly exhausted with looking at glowing screens, and everyone else is asleep...well, I guess I'll work on my take-home midterm for my law class. Not terribly adventurous, exciting, or sexy. Oh well.

All work retains copyright by me, Michelle Lopes. Whoooo!

Oh, by the way, go check this out. It has nothing to do with animation, but the song cracks me up, as does the robot forced to contemplate its own dance moves on mere mortals (of course).

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Michael said...

Hey, you got the comment section fixed.

Now I can let you know how much I enjoy your stuff.

Take Care