Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm On Vacation: I'm Boring

I've decided to update posts on my blog despite the glaring fact that I have nothing (or next to nothing) visually interesting to share! The best I can do is this night sky I made in Photoshop for my Aftereffects assignment in my Intro to Digital Media class. The colors, the moon, the sunset, the stars - it's entirely faked. You love it, though, and it's copyrighted by me - so there.

I've spent the past few days writing my novel - I have to reach a 50,000 word deadline by Thursday, and I'm at 32,000 at the moment. I'm visiting family, too, which is fun for me but probably abysmally dull to the average bear. Yes, when life goes well, the dramatic interest levels descend rapidly. To that I say: la! I hope my nephew kicks ass at the science fair tonight. :)

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