Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Lemon Tree and Finals

Whoo hoo! I finished my Digital Media final today! Yay! I'll post my new After Effects file (a.k.a. the final I just did) up some time this weekend, along with smaller (file size) versions of my other movies at my portfollio site.

In case you're curious about the embedded flick above, I don't intend to rain on randall_rego's Yahoo video parade, but I really really REALLy like live action/animation integration, and this film is exceptionally beautiful. There's nothing like surrealism to throw people for a loop (if you go check out the comments people posted on this vid, you'll die out loud with laughter...or simply not understand why I'm laughing). According to randall_rego, The Lemon Tree won the Student of the Year award at the Inspire conference. It totally deserved it. Congrats to Jill Steiger and friends! What an evocative piece.

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