Friday, March 02, 2007

Upcoming Films!

I REALLY really want to see Satoshi Kon's newest flick, Paprika. Click on the link to see the trailer! It looks so beautiful, and I love that this director likes to deal with familiar memes such as perception and dreams (his past films include Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue among others, while his television series Paranoia Agent is a world of headf*cking all its own). Admittedly, the thrust of the flick sounds quite a lot like Cell (which had some very creative, fantastic visual elements despite its formulaic, plodding plot), but I have faith in Satoshi Kon.

In the more distant future, the newest Pixar film Wall E, will be arriving next summer. You need to click on this link - this film sounds like it could be so very cool! With the first third of it a silent film (if only the 9 feature had the moxie to try this route a la the 9 short) featuring a lot of criticism concerning our collective ecological consciousness, I can't help but be excited.

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