Monday, April 02, 2007

Alas, and Class!

Well, the novel contest was cancelled due to a lack of submissions, which was sad. But last night I talked to this author (who wrote the Olivia Kidney series of books, among others) and she really encouraged me to press on and find myself an agent anyway. Which I will. Yay!

In other news, I'm coming back home today. Hooray for home! New York was fantastic, chilly but absolutely lovely, and I adore the cold anyway; I sweat a lot less, for starters. But L.A. is home, and I love being near the beach and all the weirdness people seem to have there. Frankly, if you are an Angeleno tried and true, you're a bit of a freak - myself included. We're all tangled up with narcissism and personal dreams and rejection and images. Love it. Hooray for freaks!

So today I was checking out animation courses - there's some pretty cool stuff out there. Along with taking a post-production sound class to help me solidify the sound on my film, I'm thinking of taking a course that talks about constructing narratives in the game Second Life. Interactive narratives are interesting because they're primarily self-navigated...which means they can get pretty boring, too. I mean, think of all those non-storytellers crafting compelling tales for themselves! I'm sure they hit the nail on the head sometimes, but others, well...bleeding thumbs.

No pics today, but tomorrow I'll post the new and improved versions of some of my film bgs. Ciao!

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