Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Second Life Class

So school has started up for me again, and now I'm taking a class in the MMORPG, Second Life. It's interesting so far, but a bit like Las Vegas for me. Let me clarify that - it seems, to me anyway, that as we grow older we forget how to be happy on a level that doesn't require sex or drugs or consumer consumption or violence. Not that those things are bad (in the entertainment world anyway - I'm not advocating any violence inflicted on people in real life! Allow me to remain vague on the others.). However, they're a bit, well, limiting. I'm sure people are creating unique stories in Second Life, and it's my job as a student to hunt them out, but the overwhelming popularity of the other categories I've already listed is pretty stifling. Not to say I'm not enjoying this class - I certainly am - I just think it's interesting and a little sad all at once.

I've decided to start a narrative about reflexivity and identity in Second Life - perhaps not an entirely original topic to cover, but it's the one that intrigues me the most. I might make a machinima, but we'll see. I'm going to start by writing a short story about self in the world electric. Avatars are so strange, aren't they?

The images I've posted are snapshots of my avatar, NecroNancy Loon, in Second Life. Pretty good resemblance to me, dontcha think? :)

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