Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Forlorn Octopus

So my boss wants me to learn Adobe Illustrator since we're between commissions at the moment. I have to admit, so far I don't like the program much at all. We have version 10.0.3, which means that it doesn't do all that cool instant vectorizing that you can lay down with CS3, instead you have to map it out line by line, but I can't find a decent tutorial online that would help me out (plus it seems sort of redundant anyway since we'll probably be getting the new version soon). Also, there's a bug in my software that keeps on making Adobe Illustrator Help crash (which I think is the most amusing bug ever - Help! My Help isn't working!), so the going is, needless to say, slow. (And don't even ask about consulting the manual - it's hidden up in a loft I'd have to climb a pretty tall ladder to get to, and I am crap with heights).

This little illustration was made with - ta da - Illustrator, and polished (somewhat) with Adobe Photoshop. I did it with my mouse, hence the rough look of them - although I think it makes the fish look adorable. What I love about illustrations like these is the drawing of tears while a character is underwater. It doesn't make sense except on a purely symbolic level, and communication with symbols is really a fun little shorthand that humans are especially good at (hint: the alphabet, hieroglyphics, etcetera). Our lives are really summarized by symbols - from traffic signs to greeting cards - and our visual language is actually very rich.

Enough blabbering - enjoy your day, I'm going to work on my relationship with a certain program.

Image retains copyright by Michelle Lopes (that's me, sillyheads).


Brian said...

Maybe I'm just an insensitive bastard, but this crying octopus actually makes me happy.

Michelle Lopes said...

Thank you! He weeps especially for you, then!