Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm Going to Comic Con!

That's right, after I do my laundry and pack up my clothes I'm going to the (in)famous San Diego Comic Convention! This is a tradition I've done for a few years now, and though I loathe the heat and the crushing press of people at the convention center, I love books and art - and comics have both! In the spirit of Comic Con, I'm posting the illustration of the Widow Walker...a doodle and persona I've invented in my dreaming hours. She's less spidery and more nautical (a la a widow's walk), and is vengeful love personified. (Art note: I drew her a long time ago as an ink sketch, and added the drop shadow using Photoshop today)

On another note, here's what I plan to do at Comic Con:

1. See Neil Gaiman on Friday.

2. Buy a cute toy.

3. Find something cool I haven't heard about.

4. Buy a cool porn/erotic art.

5. Visit Jim Balent and Holly GoLightly.

6. Buy a mimobot flash drive (if I can afford it), and get the free extra one signed by a Happy Tree Friends artist!

Also, there will be a ton of UCLA love this Comic Con, including animators Amy Winfrey, Gil Kenan, and the irrepressible (and amazing) Tom Sito. Hope to see you there!


Brian said...

Wow, that looks great! The drop shadow really lifts her off the page.

Michael said...


I can comment again.
I love the sketch.

Take Care