Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vimobot Contest Round 2

So I missed the ever-so-happening round one of the vimobot design contest, which just means I made it in time for round two! Essentially, you paint on a vinyl doll (provided by the mimobot company) anything you like, and the top ten designs are voted on, to narrow it down to a top three that will be manufactured by mimobot! You don't really get any sort of monetary compensation (as far as I can tell), but your sweet designing skills will be verily distributed across the land...and it sounds like fun to me. I ended up with a free blank vimobot after I purchashed my flash drive Psy, but mostly this is restricted to people buying the doll itself.

Posted above is an image of one of the winners from Round One, Holybot by the Fickilians. Of course, they retain copyright on this one, and not me. :)

I already have a design in mind...do you?

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