Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cartoon Dump: Episode 1

Hooray! It's finally here! You can now go watch the world's worst cartoons, brought to you by the fabulous Jerry Beck and Frank Conniff. These toons are ugly, boring, and utterly bizarre; the ultimate ugly ducklings of the animated world.

(If you have a crappy browser like mine, I suggest waiting for the movie to play through first while you do something else, then come back for the good stuff)

Go here to rot your brain!

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Brian said...


Fun to meet you at last night's Cartoon Dump. I have "Big World, Little Adam" stuck in my head and recurring visions of geezer Leprechauns kidnapping little girls.

Just as you cleverly hid your animations from the outside world (which are cool, btw), I cleverly forgot to ask you for your email address (doh!), so I'm doing the next best thing -- leaving a comment on a somewhat related blog topic. Smart, huh? (Leaving a note on a sign is how I got a job at Sony Imageworks, but that's another story)

Anyways, nice blog! Regarding that neat soda constructor lifeform thingy, here's a video of some CG evolving creatures:

Here's my website/blog: for your amusement. Non-work email:

We should hang out again sometime. Maybe even at a strip club :P Or perhaps a live puppet performance somewhere.