Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I drew this sketch using colored pencils and ink some time last winter. It's not an incredibly good scan - the paper turned all weirdly translucent - but then it wasn't my scanner. I like to heavily apply layers of color until the colored pencil stuff is just frigging dense and waxy - the colors always look absolutely gorgeous then. Try as I might, this wasn't color correcting in Photoshop the way I wanted it to, and I decided to post it anyway. Why? Because, at the moment, coffee is making me nauseous, and this illustration is my nausea perfectly. It spills out of me, intersects and curliques, tumbles and vomits...


Anyhoo, this image is copyrighted by me, the Lopes. Keep your dirty paws off it, hungry bears!


Michael said...

You are so talented.
I just love your stuff.

Take Care

Michelle Lopes said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Michael! You made my morning.