Friday, August 10, 2007


Regardless of my last post, don't try and vote for me yet, cuz you won't be able to. My tshirt design for Threadless is still pending approval - but rest assured, I will toot my lil' trumpet as loud as I can when my design is approved and up to run the gauntlet.

The pic today is one of my earlier attempts to ingratiate myself with my Wacom tablet. I drew the illustration in Photoshop, and the house in the background is the creepy-as-hell place my mother grew up in (trust me, it's creepy - I've used this photograph in other works of art, including this movie - due to all sorts of incidental factors, this house, and homes in general, are rather totemic for me). I made it about two years ago, and I only stumbled across it when I was cleaning up files on my computer.

Enjoy, mes amis.

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