Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Moonshine and Riblet's Big Day-Boo!

Howdy Kiddles! (Rhymes with "diddles" and "fiddles," not "biddies").

So what have I been up to lately? I stitched and constructed (by hand - stupid sewing machine) the above duo, Moonshine and Riblet - a pair of characters created by me and a close friend. They have little snaps on their hands that can be unhooked, or closed together as seen above so that they hold hands. I think these two deserve a comic or somesuch in their honor - they make me smile. Also, I'm signing up for art classes at Santa Monica Community College, and getting my life together in general. Interestingly enough, I've started in the bathroom - where all crap converges, I work to purge! I must say, it is mighty sparkly in my bathroom at the moment. I give it a week.

Moonshine and Riblet have copyrights retained by me, the Lopes. No stealing, naughtykins.

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