Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Title Dilemma

Sorry for the absence of posts lately! My days have been a wee bit hectic (the amount of drama in my life sometimes extends to the obscene - I am by nature a curmudgeon and would prefer it if the drama took up elsewhere).

O.K., so I have this After Effects problem with my title sequence, where colors that look like this:

End up looking like this after I export the film:

I keep on messing with the After Effects export settings, making the file as big as Montana, but with little success. Also, because it's a huge file, it takes about four hours to render it each time - making experiments with settings an arduous chore. Blah. Until I figure it out, my film looks like it's been in the washer too many times...

Oh yeah, and I've named my 8-minute behemoth "Blood Blossoms."

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David Badgerow said...

Which codec are you using?