Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Threadless Design...the Beginning

I think my film is on hold at the moment - but wait, don't cry! I'm doing another Threadless design (hooray!). I drew this using my new fave pen - a Pentel Deluxe Fude pen that ships from Japan via for my art needs - then scanned it, agonized over the font and how to make a dotted line in Photoshop (for a great dotted line tutorial, try either here or here), then realized I need to scan in a crayon scribble to really make it perfect. Damn. Faking crayon in Photoshop is simply not cutting it.

So, back to school to work on scanning again - blah.

Also, I have a couple of secret projects I'm working on, but due to their confidential nature, I'm not gonna say what they no way do they compromise me legally, or offer me monetary compensation, however.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Wall Illustration

I ended up going to my friend's house recently to draw a new image on her wall! And because she's such a good friend, she records everything for posterity with her camera. So, via Meghan Welsh, here is my latest graffiti - this time, it includes a poem.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You Oughtta Be a Simpson...

A friend showed me that now there's an interesting little Burger King/Simpsons promotion where you can "Simpsonize" yourself by uploading a picture of yourself. I'm very, very curious as to how this technology works. The programming is taking color samples, and must somehow detect shapes as interesting! The above image is me as a Simpson toon. It's fun to play with.

Go here to get Simpsonized.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Wall of My Own

Thanks to everyone who voted on my Threadless design! The final vote was 1.8 something, but considering it was my first submission, that's not so bad. Plus all the comments I got were very supportive...well, and referencing Ah Ha, but we shan't go there.

Last Christmas, one of my friends gave me a very special present - a wall in her apartment to draw on in washable markers. Posted here is a very freehand image I scribbled one day (if you can't see very well, that's a mouse in her mouth). I really love drawing on the wall, but it's been a while since I went to her place to mark it up...the time is nigh for my personal graffiti.

In my Warcraft life, I've gotten to level 70, have a flying mount, and am two signatures away from starting my own guild - "For the Bored." My does the time fly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You Can Vote for Me...For Real Now!

Whoo hoo! My t-shirt design for Threadless is now up and running in the competition. If you like it, please stop on by and give me a lil' vote to the good - you have to sign up to become a Threadless member, but it's super quick, and they won't spam your email with t-shirt stuff if you uncheck the box.

So click on the pic below and vote away. I'm giving you the super double-thumbs-up of coolness and hip appreciation.

Taste of Paper - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Friday, August 10, 2007


Regardless of my last post, don't try and vote for me yet, cuz you won't be able to. My tshirt design for Threadless is still pending approval - but rest assured, I will toot my lil' trumpet as loud as I can when my design is approved and up to run the gauntlet.

The pic today is one of my earlier attempts to ingratiate myself with my Wacom tablet. I drew the illustration in Photoshop, and the house in the background is the creepy-as-hell place my mother grew up in (trust me, it's creepy - I've used this photograph in other works of art, including this movie - due to all sorts of incidental factors, this house, and homes in general, are rather totemic for me). I made it about two years ago, and I only stumbled across it when I was cleaning up files on my computer.

Enjoy, mes amis.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I've Entered a Threadless Competition...

And I am sooo nervous. I'd really like to do well in it, and if you happen to want to vote on my design, please do! It's my first submission of all time ever, and I love the shirts on would be really an honor if my design was printed alongside the others.

To vote, merely click on the image below.

Enough of my babble! Have a fantastic day, kiddies.

Taste of Paper - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Friday, August 03, 2007

New World of Warcraft Expansion!

O.k., I'm awake now! The expansion promises a whole new continent, a level 80 cap, further character customization with hairstyles and dances, and the new death knight class!!!

My dorkiness overwhelms even me. Go here to check it out.

Sleepy Girl

So this is a sketch I did a few months ago when I was still at school. I think, however, that it's appropriate for today since I'm so sleepy.

I drew this with a ballpoint pen on really shiny, very weird paper. Every time I dragged my pen across the page I felt like I was tearing it a little, even though I really wasn't.

Have a fantastic Friday, everyone! I'm going to stalk the fine purveyors of coffee in my neighborhood and see if I can wake up a little.

Yet again - this image retains copyright with me, the Lopes. Sleepy haters everywhere, beware!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cartoon Dump: Episode 1

Hooray! It's finally here! You can now go watch the world's worst cartoons, brought to you by the fabulous Jerry Beck and Frank Conniff. These toons are ugly, boring, and utterly bizarre; the ultimate ugly ducklings of the animated world.

(If you have a crappy browser like mine, I suggest waiting for the movie to play through first while you do something else, then come back for the good stuff)

Go here to rot your brain!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I drew this sketch using colored pencils and ink some time last winter. It's not an incredibly good scan - the paper turned all weirdly translucent - but then it wasn't my scanner. I like to heavily apply layers of color until the colored pencil stuff is just frigging dense and waxy - the colors always look absolutely gorgeous then. Try as I might, this wasn't color correcting in Photoshop the way I wanted it to, and I decided to post it anyway. Why? Because, at the moment, coffee is making me nauseous, and this illustration is my nausea perfectly. It spills out of me, intersects and curliques, tumbles and vomits...


Anyhoo, this image is copyrighted by me, the Lopes. Keep your dirty paws off it, hungry bears!